To Build Or Not To Build


Populist rhetoric has fanned an international wave of anti-refugee sentiment, leading to growing calls to stem the flow of refugees into the United States, Europe, Australia, and elsewhere. — Kenneth E. Miller Ph.D.

When President Trump came into office, there has been a continuous debate on whether the US should build “the wall” or not. Where did this idea come from? How did a leader come up with the idea that his country would be better with a barrier? The concept of building a wall could not be all bad. It may sound inhumane amidst the ongoing chaos in the Middle East as many people are seeking refuge, but it isn’t directly about it.

Why Should US Build The Wall?

Aside from the fact that President Donald Trump promised the American people that he would build a wall once elected, some of the reasons are logical given the criminality and chaos happening all around the globe.

Trump believes that a wall would help in ceasing illegal immigration. It is a general knowledge that there are many illegal immigrants in the United States, and people can just walk across the border in many places with no restrictions. Although it wouldn’t put a complete end to people trespassing, it would discourage the idea of it.

Somehow, the spread of illegal drugs can be blamed to the open border. Although it is not right to point fingers of who’s doing what, it cannot be denied that the penetrable land is one factor for the high number of drugs and crimes in the US.

The president thinks that it would be easier to control the country since it consists of 50 states. It is hard enough to lead the people inside, and to eliminate the worry about the crimes that come through the border is a significant move.


Within a day of President Donald Trump signing an executive order banning entry of people from seven countries, protests sprang up at airports across the United States. Many people sharing the same belief, that the ban preventing people from entering the US from other countries is unconstitutional and prejudicial. —

Why Should US Not Build The Wall?

The American dream is the dream of millions of people across the globe, especially those in developing countries. The USA is a symbol of hope. If the wall is finally up, it is much more than the concrete barrier as it is the symbolism that could crush the dreams of millions.

Yes, being called illegal means the law forbids it for a reason, and the law forbids illegal immigration because somehow, it causes inequality when it comes to the right of the people who are in their rightful place. However, is the law of men enough to distinguish who gets to stay and who doesn’t?

In times like now, when many people from chaotic lands struggle to leave the hell they are in, they see places like the US and Europe as a place of refuge. Although it is natural for us to look out for our own, is it okay to build a wall to keep people out? Is it all right to create a symbolism that they are not welcome, that there is no hope for a better life for them, that they should just stay in their country and watch it burn to ashes, and hold the hands of their children while they bleed to death? Should we tell them to stay in their rightful place and wait to perish?


Even excusing the fact that most of us in North America have ancestors who were immigrants and refugees, fleeing from war, poverty and persecution, today’s refugees are on course to do as well as we have done, and maybe even better. — Michael Ungar Ph.D.

Every country or territory has a law that keeps things in order, and the president of the United States is responsible for the welfare of the American people. However, what happens to the people in countries where leaders cannot protect their people? Aren’t we all responsible for the inhabitants of the Earth? Are we just going to watch while they build the wall?

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