CRG has taken note of the stance endorsed by the British Government pertaining to the independent feasibility study on resettlement of BIOT conducted by KPMG. However CRG believes  it essential to reaffirm the fact that Chagossians have been fighting for their right of abode to be recognized for decades and that bears testimony to the undeniable fact that Chagossians  are determined to resettle on their islands. Furthemore CRG would like to emphasize that their fundamental right of abode is not and ought not to be interpreted as being conditional upon the  likely demand of resettlement. Consequently, resettlement is part and parcel of our inherent right of abode, in this respect, CRG would like to highlight that  Chagossians are BELONGERS  in the national sense.Importantly, CRG would like to reiterate that their right of abode without prejudice to any claims of sovereignty
Olivier Bancoult

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