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 Please Sponsor Crawley’s International Football Team: The Chagos Islands National Team
The Chagos Islands National Team are in need of a sponsor. In return, your business’ name could appear on the team’s kit – gaining exposure to people around the world as well as international and domestic media.
Why sponsor?
Over the last two years, the team have competed in tournaments in Ukraine and Georgia – as well as in numerous tournaments across the UK.
Due to the unique history of the Chagos Islands (see below), the team generally attracts widespread media attention.
In Georgia earlier this year, the team competed in the CONIFA world cup for non-Fifa recognised states – attracting the attention of the BBC, the Guardian, the Financial Times, the Independent, the New Statesman, ESPN, Newsweek, ABC and many more.
With your help, the team could perform more frequently at high profile events, attracting even larger audiences.
The Chagosrefugees group uk (CRGUK);and the Chagos Football Association (CFA) will be happy to discuss the terms of any sponsorship deal. To give you an idea of the figures we have in mind, however, please see below:
Main sponsor (Name and logo printed prominently on shirts):
Secondary sponsor (Name mentioned on team merchandise, in media interviews, literature etc):
Other sponsor (Receive official thanks for sponsorship in literature and elsewhere):
Supporter (Support officially acknowledged on website and in communications):
All other donations remain welcome
We would also welcome longer term deals. The team take part in matches regularly and by becoming our main sponsor you would have a continuing source of advertising over several years.
The Chagossian people have a unique and tragic history. Expelled from the Chagos Islands under British orders in the late sixties and early seventies, they have suffered immensely in exile before arriving in Crawley.
As the team has grown in recent years it has come to play an important part in the community. Many young Chagossians are British citizens but have only arrived in the country in recent years and some have struggled to integrate. Through sport, Chagossians have a chance to get involved in life in the UK while still connecting with their heritage.
The team has helped many young Chagossians from a deprived background avoid anti-social and unhealthy behaviours. It has already served to help the Chagossian community and the wider Crawley community significantly. Your investment can help the CFA continue doing great work.
As Chair of UKCRG Branch a voluntary group dedicated for the Chagossian community, I can fully recommend taking up this opportunity. The Crawley MP Henry Smith has also backed the work of the CFA.
For more information or to discuss your involvement, please get in touch with
Your sincerely,
Sabrina Jean
Chair of UKCRG Branch

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