The 2014 Durham Refugees And Migrants Conference

The 2014 Durham refugees and migrants conference was a painful experience for me. I have to be honest in saying that it broke my heart to see several people who have lost their families because of war in their nation. Some of the young children end up being an orphan, which is why they usually grow up in the streets or in another state with no idea about what to do next.


The same event opened my mind to the reality that I can do something to extend my help to the refugees. For this reason, I started to volunteer in organizations that are dedicated or committed to relocating these individuals. There are also some associations that are engaged in providing relief packages and other charitable acts to the said refugees.

Below are some of the things that I’ve learned from helping the refugees:

  • You need to be patient and understanding when it comes to dealing with them. Take note that they have been through a lot, which is why they usually shut people away.
  • Be careful with the words that you say to them. You may offend them. As such, it is best to let them lead the conversation.
  • Choose to be positive when you are around them. They are in need of the best support anyone can give. Do not be reluctant to motivate them.
  • Make them feel comfortable whenever you get an opportunity to do so. You have to make them think that they are not different from you.


The conference mentioned above was a true blessing in my life. I am glad to have attended it. It changed my life completely. Right after the conference, I became more considerate with the people around me. At the same time, it also enabled me to lead a life with gratitude.